Winter Showcase – Artists To Keep Your Eye On – Artsy Exclusive

L & G Projects presents a group exhibition featuring the work of Sepideh Ilsley, Krista Schumacher, Nuge, and Thomas Berthuel- Bonne . These emerging artists are ones to keep your eye on in the coming year.

Sepideh Ilsley is a self taught contemporary artist, inspired by simplicity and imperfection. She is Persian, born in 1980 in Shiraz, Iran, but grew up in Sweden. After spending a number of years travelling and living all over the world she is now based with her family in Noosa, on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. Using a language of shapes she want to encourage the viewer to allow the work to recall a memory, an event or a thought previously experienced and provide time to contemplate and celebrate that moment.

Krista Schumacher is a professional oil painter who lives and works in La Jolla, California. Schumacher was awarded Southwest Art Magazine’s “Top 21 Under 31” and is the 2018 Launchpad Artist for Art San Diego. Schumacher has developed a unique alla prima, palette knife style. A paintbrush gives an artist control, but with a palette knife, she is able to stay loose, merging colors and sculpting wet paint into a dynamic final product. Her paintings take on a multi-dimensional form and are easily recognized for their use of heavy-texture and bold colors to emphasize nature’s spontaneity and beauty in a modern, abstract way.

Nuge studied architecture at Roger Williams University in Rhode Island and graduated with a Masters in Architecture. After several years in the field, he found the working experience to be sharply different from the intensive, creative process of my architectural studies. Nuge felt traditional architecture work required him to be strapped down to a computer, drawing construction documents and rearranging condominium layouts. Whereas in architecture school, he felt he had a license to be as wild and imaginative as possible. The artwork he creates today is in his own words “ a rebellion to my architectural background”

Thomas Berthuel- Bonnes a remarkable movement choreographer, Thomas presents here paintings of gestures accompanied by a subtle work of a colorist. This series entitled “LIAB”, Life Is A Breath, is an immersion into the blue that explores the vivid and interlacing curves that cut through the sky and sea.