L&G Projects a Contemporary gallery that assists first time collectors to long term collectors in building both private and corporate collections.  We are a full service firm that can research and acquire artists from all sources for our collector. Owner George Theodorakos bring you over 10 years of knowledge in the art industry.

George ‘Theo’ Theodorakos was born in Pensacola, Florida, in a family rich with Greek heritage and culture. Theo became interested in black and white photography at a young age, and afterward had immense and varied exposure to the arts in a myriad of forms – before ultimately deciding to open L&G Projects in the village of La Jolla, California.

After traveling the world – most notably France, Greece, and Italy, Theo realized it was possible – and necessary – to create a gallery that not only showcases talented, unknown artists but also curates the most personal experience possible for the clients. Theo’s favorite aspect of the trade is the intimate relationship he establishes and nurtures with both the artist and the art collectors.