Summer Showcase- Artsy Exclusive

L & G Projects presents a group exhibition featuring the work of Orit Fuch, Thomas Berthuel- Bonne, and Kate Paul. These three artists new work explores the theme of a Southern Californian Summer.

About the Artists

Orit Fuch, Tel Aviv Israel: What’s particularly refreshing in Fuchs’ work is that she doesn’t try to glamorize women or turn them into mundane objects of perfection. Instead, she seeks to capture their drama, sassiness, inner confidence, unapologetic sex appeal, and unadulterated charm.

Thomas Berthuel- Bonnes , Paris France : A remarkable movement choreographer, Thomas presents here a painting of gestures accompanied by a subtle work of a colorist. This series entitled “LIAB”, Life Is A Breath, is an immersion into the blue that explores the vivid and interlacing curves that cut through the sky and sea.

Kate Paul, Waroclaw Poland : Abstract calligraphy is her passion. It’s an experiment with letters and signs as a basic way of communication. Secret quotes are written in English, German and French hidden under Arabian-looking characters and logograms express thoughts and feelings.