Stentorian Air. Hear Her Roar

L&G projects is proud to present Stentorian Air, Hear her roar, Sepideh Illsleys’ second exhibition with the gallery.

lIsley’s art, comprising of large minimalist paintings and prints, reflects her daily musings and experiences, both in the physical and digital realm. Her artistic language of shapes encourages viewers to reflect on their own memories and thoughts while celebrating the beauty of imperfection. Illsieys says of her latest series;

“This body of work is an ode to the strength and courage of the girls and women of Iran, who are tirelessly fighting for their right to freedom and leading the first female-led revolution in history.

With my art, language of shapes and my voice as an artist, I aim to express my unwavering support for these remarkable women, as they break free from the shackles of oppression and pave the way for a brighter future.

The exhibition serves as a tribute to the remarkable resilience, determination, and spirit of resistance displayed by Iranian women in their fight for freedom and equality. As we celebrate their strength and power, we hear the roar of their voices echoing through the ages.”

Illsely’s creative process involves two parts. The first uses broad, emotive strokes that flow out of the artist unconsciously and continuously until they have conveyed their message. This is a subconscious flow, an uninhibited state of mind where the work is produced without any preconceived ideas or planning. It is a mental state of complete absorption and connection to one’s inner self, driven by the urge to manifest it.

The second part of the artist’s practice is a more controlled and skillful approach, focusing on achieving the right proportions and edges. The process involves layering the piece until the desired depth is achieved, which can be a laborious but cathartic experience.