L&G Projects is proud to present Orit Fuchs’s ( b. 1970 Israel ) first inaugural U.S. solo exhibition titled, HERE COMES THE SUN.

“Here comes the sun I’m in love with at this time of year, the coming of spring and the blossoms, express for me the cycles of life. Cold and wet weather against warm and pleasant air. Darkness that ends when the sun comes. I have a longing for summer, the sun and the beach.”
-Orit Fuchs

Fuchs lives and works in Tel Aviv, a storyteller with a deep, pure, and unquenchable appetite for artistic self-expression. Her medium spans the gamut – sculptures, painting, typography, illustration’ knitting, photography, and more – whatever works best to bring her vision to life.

Her female characters are imbued with the full spectrum of human emotion and state of mind. They are strong, dramatic, self-confident, opinionated women with lots of attitudes.

What’s particularly refreshing in Fuchs’ work is that she doesn’t try to glamorize women or turn them into mundane objects of perfection. Instead, she seeks to capture their drama, sassiness, inner confidence, unapologetic sex appeal, and unadulterated charm. Her paintings from the VIVID series are reminiscent of photographs of the elusive female soul. They feel like looking through the eyes of a poet in love, capturing all the spontaneous beauty and magic streaming from women’s expressions.

The most central theme in her art is the female image and the various forms it can take in modern society. Her SGIATH series is creative journalism that tells entire stories with just a single portrait or illustrated moment.

Fuchs has made her presence known in the international art scene, with acclaimed projects and exhibitions in Toronto, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, and Tokyo.