Jon Koehler


Jon Koehler, a master craftsman who uses stainless steel to create exquisite sculptures that seem to come alive. He understands that the journey of creating art is just as important as the final result, and he brings his passion for the craft to every piece he creates.

By carefully manipulating welding techniques and deconstructing the elements of stainless steel, Jon transforms this cold and hard material into graceful, balanced sculptures that appear to move effortlessly in their environment . His work is characterized by the beautiful contrast between the immovable and the fluid, the heavy and the light.

Jon’s objective is to transport the viewer into a new world, where they can experience the complexity and organic nature of his sculptures. With flowing lines and a visual harmony that blends seamlessly into the natural environment, Jon’s art is a true feast for the senses.

Growing up in a San Diego boat-building family, Jon was exposed to metalworking at an early age. His father, a master boat-builder and founder of Koehler Kraft Boat Yard, passed on his knowledge of traditional marine crafts and instilled in Jon a passion for quality and precision. Jon started learning welding from one of Koehler Kraft’s skilled welders, and he quickly developed a natural talent for metalworking.