Bill Rastetter


Rastetter is a San Diego based artist and photographer who often works in the intersection of photography and painting. His intent is to produce a photographic print that appears to have been created with both paintbrush and color palette. His painterly depictions of ocean and sky were created after sunset with long exposures. He holds the camera shutter typically open for 2 to 10 minutes with an “all manual” (no electronics) view camera, as you see depicted in the photo above of the artist and his camera.

Rastetter is also a Scientist, Entrepreneur and Biotech Industry legend. He earned a BS Degree in Chemistry from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and an MA and Ph.D  in Chemistry from Harvard University. He has played significant roles as CEO, President, CFO and Director along with founding board member in the operations, governance and founding of a variety of companies from IDEC Pharmaceuticals, Biogen, Biogen IDEC, Receptos Inc., Fate Therapeutics, Neurocrine Biosciences, Dare Bioscience, Grail, Regulus Therapeutics, Venrock, Caltech and Illumina and Illumina Venture.

When not photographing, he continues to help fund and grow biotechnology companies.

He is married to Marisa, the love of his life. She took the portrait that appears above.