Hyper Focus : New from Orit Fuchs, Carlos Ramirez and Nuge

L & G Projects is proud to announce new works from Orit Fuchs, Carlos Ramirez and Nuge. These dynamic artists cleverly explore color relationships and their impact on the viewer.

Multi-talented Israeli artist Orit Fuchs is known for her stunning minimalist portraits of women. Orits hyperpigmented works are a refreshing combination of old meets new. An exciting merge of Hollywood golden era glam with sophisticated Pop minimal colors and silhouettes. A former advertising art director Orit creates across a range of mediums including painting, sculpture, video, knitting, and photography.


Carlos Ramirez was born in Cuba. For political reasons his family moved to the United States when he was a child. Ramirez always drew and painted, but as the only child of an immigrant family, his parents were concerned that he have a structured profession, rather than take a chance on a career as an artist he enrolled in Law School. In his last year he left the program to follow a vision of putting a fashion collection together. “I applied all of my drawing, sketching and design skills to this new endeavor,” he notes. At age 23, he established the label Liancarlo. The label has dressed dozens of celebrities, and his work has been featured in countless fashion magazines. Today he dedicates his time solely to painting and can be found most days working in his airy, sunlight studio in Santa Fe, NM.


Nuge studied architecture at Roger Williams University in Rhode Island and graduated with a Masters in Architecture. After several years in the field, he found the working experience to be sharply different from the intensive, creative process of my architectural studies. Nuge felt traditional architecture work required him to be strapped down to a computer, drawing construction documents and rearranging condominium layouts. Whereas in architecture school, he felt he had a license to be as wild and imaginative as possible. The artwork he creates today is in his own words “ a rebellion to my architectural background”