L & G Projects is proud to present BEING a group exhibition featuring the work of Clare Brodie, Neill Write & Orit Fuchs. This exhibition focus on meditative silhouettes that encourage awareness of the present.

Clare Brodie is an Australian artist based in Sydney. Her artworks are predominately contemporary landscapes that respond to set locations where she has spent extended periods of time. She deciphers the complexities of the landscape, (and her life) into flat organic shapes with a clearly defined subject matter. Preliminary watercolor sketches are made on location in Japanese sketchbooks to record her emotional response. This helps build the pictorial language which is repeated throughout her works.

Neill Wright is a multidisciplinary artist based in Johannesburg, South Africa. His satirical work braves the world of social commentary in a bold, colourful and humorous manner. Wright explores various mediums, such as sculpture, printmaking and painting as

Multi-talented Israeli artist Orit Fuchs is known for her stunning minimalist portraits of women. Orits hyperpigmented works are a refreshing combination of old meets new. An exciting merge of  Hollywood golden era glam with sophisticated Pop minimal colors and silhouettes. A former advertising art director Orit creates across a range of mediums including painting, sculpture, video, knitting, and photography.