A Corner Of A Minute

L & G Projects presents Sepideh Illsley’s first solo show with the Gallery A Corner of A minute. Sepideh Ilsley is a self-taught contemporary artist, inspired by simplicity and imperfection. She is Persian, born in 1980 in Shiraz, Iran, but grew up in Sweden. After spending several years traveling and living all over the world she is now based with her family in Noosa, on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. Using a language of shapes she encourages the viewer to recall a memory, an event or a thought previously experienced and provide time to contemplate and celebrate that moment.

“The title of the show ‘A corner of a minute’  is very personal to me, as it is something my 5 year old daughter said to me recently. It is very descriptive and emotionally engaging, and I feel it is very much in line with my work as my paintings are little snapshots of moments in time. “

“I see my practice as a journey of expression and exploration. My sculptural shapes are like poetry to me. Snapshots of moments in time. I wish to evoke emotion with these lyrical pieces. I imagine how the audience can see their own story in the paintings, and that the names of the pieces can work as a trigger for the imagination of the viewer to interpret and read their own story into the works. I want to allow for emotion, thought and a physical experience. I want to engage the viewer so that it’s significance can exist beyond the painting itself.

My pieces often take a very long time to sketch, as I spend time stripping them back until only the essence of the piece remains.

The initial part of my practice, when I sketch is very similar to the way an expressionist works. In fact, I see myself as an expressionist. Working with broad, emotive strokes that pour out of you unconsciously, and continue until you have finished what you have to say.  A subconscious flow. A free state of mind, where the workflows are from you without any preconceived ideas or planning. A mental state of complete absorption and connection to what is within, and the urge to manifest it.

The second part of my practice, whilst painting the pieces is quite controlled and craft-driven. To get the proportions and edges right, layering the piece until I have the depth I need. It’s laborious and incredibly cathartic.”

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