Thomas Berthuel-Bonnes


For 12 years  now Thomas’s commitment to painting is total and absolute.

Having just graduated from the Bayard Drawing Academy in Toulouse, and the ETPA Toulouse Photography School, I had an experience as a “Copywriter” in Advertising at « Publicis  Paris », then I realized a short film, presented at the “Court devant” festival in Paris in 2009. (R255)

My artistic debut is in Paris, until the proposal of my mother : take a small apartment as a studio, always in Bayard Street, in Toulouse.

This return to my roots was a revelation, a real commitment, punctuated by temporary work, and the inspirations inherent to the daily work. (tools, supports, pizza boxes, cleaning squeegee, stones from the south Toulouse quarries, etc °)

Then, the exhibitions follow each other, cultural centers, MJC, then galleries, in Toulouse, Paris, London.

But above all, the painting evolves, from the reproduction of the first French stamp (Ceres 1948), to the work of the motif, through a work of colorist, to the Blue color.

I can understand that at this reading, you find that confused. The path full of ideas.

But, that’s what I’m doing today. Built, over all these years of research.

The evocation “International Perspectives” seems surprising to me, and yet that’s what happens to me, because I am signing a contract with your gallery, which represents emerging international artists.

Added to this is, a major European media networks, will present my work, thanks to a selection of Konbini among 5 others emerging artists from all over France.

A team of this Internet media came to film my daily, my exhibition, my workshop, for 2 days.

The video result, will appear in June 18th, on all online platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Snapshat, etc.