Pam Marks


Pam Marks was born in Anaheim, California – but grew up on the beaches of La Jolla. For the past 25 years, Pam has spent equal time residing in both New York and California, allowing for unique access to the full spectrum of museums, individuals, and culture that both those cities has to offer. Pam has had significant exposure to a dazzling array of art through various close personal relationships with world-renowned artists, creatives, and art collectors such as Steve Martin, Aaron Spelling, Stanley Donen, Billy Wilder, Audrey Hepburn, Michael Jackson and the Bronfman family.

Excited by her passion, Pam began collecting art in the 1990s. Later, Pam continued on to place emphasis on creating colorful and exciting collages, as well as painting with a graffiti-influenced style on fashion-savvy handbags and leather jackets. The unique words and images that define Pam’s art express not only her incredible lifetime of experience – but also embody her exceptional loving attitude towards the world at large.

Pam draws significant inspiration from Jean-Michel Basquiat, Barbara Kruger and Frida Kahlo, but also from Audrey Hepburn, Queen Elizabeth and Marilyn Monroe – as well as anything fashionable, colorful, or sexy.

Just as Pam’s path to becoming an artist began when her mother taught her how to sew clothes at the young age of five, Pam’s favorite part of making art is simply the journey. Pam loves the magic that is watching a piece unfold before her eyes, reveling in the uncertainty and excitement of the creative process.