Alejandro Martín Moreno Alonso (a.k.a “OTTO”) is a young, emerging artist. Born in Mexico City in 2000, his art work is a mixture of Bauhaus style and modern architecture with colorful lines and curves full of life. In 2016, Otto tried his hand at producing his first piece made entirely of metal. That was the moment he realized he wanted to be a sculptor. His sculptures are a combination of the same piece reproduced several times, creating a three-dimensional figure. Constantly looking for inspiration, sculpting gave Otto the ability to express himself creatively. His sculptures represent the care and love he has for his work and he views his art pieces as members of his family. He even considers his sculptures his kids; made by him and, at the same time, giving back a projection of his inner self.

Moreover, he’s a young artist who is discovering his own limitations through a poetic and empirical critique which reaches the most basic elements of organic composition, by casting the the underlying limits of Modern Art and Contemporary Sculpture. Most of his visual narrative happens to be outstandingly emotional, dealing with various notions like harmony, balance, symmetry, and the simplicity of shape in monochromatic color.

Otto understands shapes which manifest in space through a fragile erotism. His artworks in medium and large format are sculptorical monochromes which allude to an emotional minimalism, sustained in varied references , raging from the most obvious: Mexican Emotional Architecture, early Suprematism, Russian Constructivism, 1960s Minimalism and Sacred Geometry. We can also see the influence of various artists like Josef Albers (concerning his theory of color), and the fragmentation of perspective in space-time in relation to Cubism, the likes of Georges Braque, Pablo Picasso and Juan Gris. Other strong and precise influences vary from an array of heavyweights such as: Luis Barragán, Mathias Goeritz, Donald Judd, Frank Stella, Kazimir Malevich, Walter Gropius, Yves Klein and Rob- ert Smithson.“