Orit Fuchs


Orit Fuchs, 1970, Lives and works in Tel Aviv, a storyteller with a deep, pure and unquenchable appetite for artistic self-expression. Her medium spans the gamut – sculptures, painting, typography, illustration’ knitting, photography and more – whatever works best to bring her vision to life.

Having worked as an art director for some of Israel’s top agencies, Fuchs has a firm grasp on pop culture and gender roles in contemporary society, which serve as a familiar backdrop against which her imagination unfurls. Her understanding of the human psyche and her fierce talent morph into moving work that takes place somewhere in between fiction and reality, capturing glimpses from wondrous perspectives.

The most central theme in her art is the female image and the various forms it can take in modern society. Her female characters are imbued with the full spectrum of human emotion and state of mind.