Jose Margulis


Geometric Abstract Kinetic Art by J.   Margulis

Jose Margulis digitally design 3-D objects and compositions, and cuts them in slices from different types of plastic sheet materials. These slices are then fixed to a rigid canvas, a pedestal or held together in space. Most of his work is done using acrylic sheets with different levels of translucency in a range of colors ,graphic patterns, textures and photographic images directly printed on the sheets’ surfaces. The bright and fully saturated color palettes to which he instinctively gravitates to, is heavily influenced by the traditional Mexican arts and crafts which made a great impact on Jose during the time that he lived there. Jose treats his three-dimensional pieces as light traps or secret blueprints, in which by controlling the placement of its components, he is able to create intriguing 3-D containers. Their designs are then fully revealed by applying or “pouring” light into them. In a sense, light becomes the ink that reveals the design by following a 3-D template. The light source may vary from natural to one or more fixtures, placed on precise locations in relationship to the subject, with specific power, color temperature, angle and proximity. These exposed patterns and designs are not absolutes or unique, because as the viewer changes his point of view, the work expresses a different narrative that is completely new within its own essence. It intrigues and fascinates Jose how the object mutates in front of him, with no other resource but a simple change of perspective. Going back and forth naturally, Jose tries to synthesize and integrate different perceptions that coexist as different facets of an object. Every time, he find himself trying to lock that seemingly unreal angle in which we are able to contemplate the amazing connections among complex layers of facts, prejudices and beliefs; that “sometimes surreal” frame in which we discover how easily we could be absolutely wrong and misjudge everything that surrounds us, while tragicomically posing ourselves as proud holders of truth and owners of higher grounds.


1987 Advance Photography, Instituto Neumann Caracas, Venezuela 2003 B.A Management, Universidad Metropolitana , Caracas, Venezuela


2019 Underneath duality, Solo show, Oliver Cole Gallery, Miami, Fl. USA 2019 Play me, Group show, Mitte Projects, Miami, Fl. USA
2019 Dual realities, Solo show, Contemporaneo Gallery, Asheville, NC. USA 2019 Triangular group show, Galerie Abstract Project, Paris, France

2019 Late works, Solo Show, 1D3 Gallery, Palm Desert, CA, USA
2019 Geometric abstraction in Latin America, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA, USA 2019 Volumes without mass, Solo Show Chromatic Art Gallery, Miami Fl , USA
2018 Dual realities, Solo show at The art ovation hotel, Sarasota, Fl, USA
2018 Carre latin, Latin american art festival, LCP+art, Palais Royal, Paris, France
2018 Repetitions, Chromatic Art Gallery, Miami, Florida, USA
2018 Pixels, Group show, GBG at Imago art in action, Coral Gables, FL., USA
2017 Art Basel week Show, Group Exhibition, Art living room Gallery Miami, Fl ,USA
2017 Kinetic Drive, Chromatic Art Gallery, Miami, Fl, USA
2017 Geometric Abstraction, Group show, REN Gallery LA, California. USA
2017 Bombay Saphire Artisan Series, Nmandi Gallery Miami, Fl. USA
2017 3D Vibrations J.Margulis retrospective Solo Show, Miami Dade College, Miami Fl. USA 2017 The four elements, Group Show Sol Taplin Gallery. Miami, Fl. USA
2016 Lightraps, J.Margulis , Galleria GUM, Miami Fl..USA
2016 Abstracción-Creación , Group Exhibition, Galeria Viloria Blanco Maracaibo, Vzla.
2016 Art Basel week Show, Group Exhibition, Art living room Gallery Miami, Fl. USA
2016 Confluences in Brazilian Art Group Exhibition, Art & Design Gallery Miami, Fl. USA 2016 Arte en Mayo, Fundacion Rozas Botran, Guatemala, Guatemala
2016 Metamorphic abstraction (Group exhibition by Naera Kim) Art Space One, NY, USA 2015 Summer group Exhibition, Art Nouveau Gallery, Miami, Fl, USA
2014 Samskaras, Solo Show, AG Gallery, Miami, FL USA
2013 Volumetric Galleria GUM, Miami, FL USA
2013 Summer Collective Show, Alex Slato Kabinet, Miami, FL. USA
Art Fairs
J.Margulis 18670 NE 21 Ave North Miami Beach, Fl 33179

Phone: 305-5885155 / E-mail: /
2020 VOLTA NY, Mark Hachem Gallery, New York, NY. USA
2020 Art Wynwood, Oliver Cole Gallery, WPB, FL. USA
2020 Palm Beach Contemporary, Oliver Cole Gallery, WPB, FL. USA
2019 Context Art Fair Miami, Oliver Cole Gallery, Miami, FL. USA
2019 Art Palm Beach, Aibo Gallery, Purchase, NY., USA
2019 L.A Art Show, Rofa Projects, Potomac, MD, USA
2018 ARTto Art Toronto, ROFA Project, Toronto, Canada
2018 Context Art Fair Miami, Contempop Gallery, New York /Tel aviv
2017 Context Art Fair Miami, Contempop Gallery, New York /Tel aviv
2017 SOFA Chicago, Aibo Gallery, Purchase NY , USA
2017 Pinta Miami Art Nouveau Gallery, Miami FL, USA
2017 ARTto Art Toronto, ROFA Project, Toronto, Canada
2017 Barcu Bogota Arte y Cultura, Contempop Gallery, Bogota, Colombia
2017 Boston Fine Art Show, Boston, Aibo Gallery, Boston MA, New York, USA 2017 Art + Design Market, Hamptons, Contempop Gallery, NY, New York, USA 2017 Context NY, Contempop Gallery, NY, New York, USA
2017 SP Arte, Jacqueline Shor Art, Sao Paolo Brasil
2017 PARC 17, ROFA Project, Lima Peru.
2017 Art LIMA, Jaqueline Shor Art, Lima, Peru
2017 Art Boca Contemporary Art Projects USA, Miami FL USA
2017 L.A Art Fair, Alex Slato Kabinet, Miami FL USA
2017 Art Palm Beach, Contemporary Art Projects USA, Miami FL. USA
2016 Context Art Fair, Contempop Gallery, Miami FL. USA
2016 Pinta Miami Art Nouveau Gallery, Miami FL. USA
2015 Art Miami, Art Nouveau Gallery, Miami FL. USA
2015 Houston Fine arts Fair, Art Nouveau Gallery, Houston TX. USA


2019 Salon des realites Nouvelles, Paris, France.
2018 Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series, North America South east Winner, 2018
2017 Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series, North America South east finalist, 2017
2017 Museo Ixchel, Guatemala Permanent Collection Guatemala City, Guatemala. 2017 Collective exhibition at BOCA Museum of Modern Art, Boca Raton, FL USA 2016 International Emerging artist Award, Dubai UAE
2015 Educational exhibit and student talks Pine Crest Academy , Ft Lauderdale, Fl. USA