John Clessler


Born 1954, Minneapolis, MN

  • Director, non-profit educational org. Have held this position within many cities in US, now for greater San Diego – residing in Encinitas.
  • Lecturer, teacher, and administrator of health related programs throughout the US, Eastern Europe and Asia
  • Co-founded an international telecommunication company specializing in Eastern European markets.
  • Freelance graphic designer for a wide range of US and International clients.
  • Active painter and artist, formally selling art since 1975.

Since my youth I’ve have been involved in creating art, whether painting or graphic design where such art has found it’s place with private collectors or within corporate environments. I have not, for many years, utilized the services of galleries for the presentation of my work, but now, after a few years of establishing myself in the San Diego area and with strong momentum of a new direction of my work, I am delighted to work with Theo at L&G projects. In him I have found someone who I feel understands my work and can well represent it.

“The single most important experience I try to provide is to simply transform, to create an experience of art that enlivens, expands, and elevates consciousness; to change the way you think, the way you feel – to have my work affect you in noticeable and positive ways.” – John Clessler